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2011 Archives http://islandershockeyblog.com/table/2011-articles/may/ Thu, 17 Aug 2017 05:52:54 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb To the Polls: Legislature Approves Aug 1 Vote http://islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/may/to-the-polls-legislature-approves-aug-1-vote.html http://islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/may/to-the-polls-legislature-approves-aug-1-vote.html In an 11-7 vote the Nassau Legislature approved a bill that allows the public to vote whether or not they want to borrow $400 million for a new arena and minor league baseball stadium.

The public will go to the polls August 1, a date which was the main point of controversy for the 19 member legislature. The legislatures voted along party lines with republicans voting yes and the democrats voting no. The only democrat to vote yes was David Denenberg, a democrat from Merrick.

If the referendum passes, the legislature needs to approve the bonding by a “super Majority” of 13.

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Stanley Cup Finals Prediction http://islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/may/stanley-cup-finals-prediction.html http://islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/may/stanley-cup-finals-prediction.html Who will win the Cup?]]> redwing91@cfl.rr.com (Eric Ritter) May Tue, 31 May 2011 15:06:53 +0000 Breaking: Isles Sign Anders Nilsson to Entry Level Contract http://islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/may/breaking-isles-sign-anders-nilsson-to-entry-level-contract.html http://islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/may/breaking-isles-sign-anders-nilsson-to-entry-level-contract.html

The Islanders have confirmed to Newsday that they have signed goaltender Anders Nilsson to a three year entry, level contract.

Nilsson spent the past four seasons with Lulea HF of the Swedish Elite League. The 21 year old had an impressive season putting up 1.92 goals against average and a 9.18 save percentage in 31 games.

Nilsson was a third round draft pick back in 2009 and joins a goaltending core that includes Al Montoya, Kevin Poulin, MikkoKoskinen, EvgeniNabakov, and Rick Dipietro.

Here are some highlights from the newly signed goaltender:

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Doug Weight Retires After 19 Seasons http://islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/may/doug-weight-retires-after-19-seasons.html http://islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/may/doug-weight-retires-after-19-seasons.html
(Photo Credit: Chris Hessel of NYIFYI.)

Doug Weight officially ended his 19 year NHL playing career yesterday morning at a press conference in Uniondale.

The Islander captain gave a 15 minute long address to the media, family and friends who made their way to the long Island Marriot. “I feel so grateful and fulfilled for what the sport [of hockey] has given me,” Weight said in the early portion of his speech. He had to stop several times throughout the address as he tried to regain composer as he said goodbye to the game he loves.

Prior to Doug Weight reading his retirement address to the media a tribute video was played for him honoring his 19 year run in the NHL.

Weight read through a statement full of highlights and memories through his NHL Career. Reminiscing back to his first game with New York Rangers, how he tripped and fell into the Washington Capitals bench during game six of the Stanley Cup playoffs. He talked about what was deemed the “shopping cart trade.”When both teams were set to play each other Weight was traded from NY to Edmonton. His stuffed was placed into a shopping cart and pushed down the hall to the Oilers dressing room. That story received a nice laugh.

Weight continued to discuss his career and his fond memories of the time he spent in St. Louis with the Blues. Weight chocked up again when he began discussing his time with the Carolina Hurricanes, whom he won a Stanley Cup with.

“I want to thank the owner of Carolina, Peter Karmanos, and especially thank general manager Jim Rutherford for the opportunity he gave to me,” Weight said.

Again Weight choked up as he began to discuss his time with Islanders organization. “I immediately recognized the dedication of Charles [Wang] and Garth [Snow] towards this team and their mission to win was something I was honored to be a part of,” said Weight. “I’m so fortunate to have this experience at the end of my career and to be the captain of the four time Stanley Cup Champion Islanders team.”

Weight continued, “I was especially fortunate to be around this group of young, talented players. Watching them mature as NHL players and people is something I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Weight concluded his speech by Thanking his family and friends for their support through his career.

Here is the full audio of Doug Weights address.

Here is part 2 of his address.


Charles Wang and Garth Snow both made statements as well, here is the audio from their statements.

Charles Wang

Garth Snow

From Captain to Coach

To no one’s surprise Doug Weight was named an assistant coach and special assistant for the New York Islanders.

During the 10-11 season Weight spent five games behind the Islanders bench coaching the power play, which it seems will be one of his main priorities as an assistant coach. Weight would be and is a natural fit for the position due to his leadership skills and how he has helped the young players over his tenure with Islanders.  

Weight will also be a huge help on the management side. He will be helping Islanders GM Garth Snow with making management decisions over the course of the offseason and one could assume he will be helping attract free agents. Weight is a huge believer in what Snow and Charles Wang are building on Long Island. He and his family have also fell in love with Long Island itself, making it their permanent residents, and could show prospective draft picks or free agents the area and what it has to offer.


Here is all the audio from the media scrums and Q & A session.

Here is the Q & A session.

Doug Weight Media Scrum, they're in two parts.

Garth Snow Media Scrum

Billy Guerin Media Scrum

John Tavares Media Scrum

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Coliseum Plan takes baby steps towards vote http://islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/may/coliseum-plan-takes-baby-steps-towards-vote.html http://islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/may/coliseum-plan-takes-baby-steps-towards-vote.html

Tuesday was another small step in the long journey to get the Islanders a new arena. The Nassau County legislature held a public hearing on the proposed $400 million referendum for a new arena and minor league baseball stadium.

The day started off with union workers, business owners and leaders, and Islanders fans gathered on the steps in front of the legislature to rally in favor of the referendum, the creation of much needed jobs and keeping the Islanders on Long Island. Isles owner Charles Wang addressed the crowd along with isles great and color commentator Butch Goring, County Executive Ed Mangano, Isles GM Garth Snow, and other community and business leaders. 

Dee Karl, aka Islanders 7th women, has some great coverage from today’s rally.

The rally ended and people filed into the legislature for the hearing on the referendum. In a last minute schedule change presiding Officer Peter Schmitt announced a vote on the controversial redistricting plan. The sudden change caused controversy and had democratic legislators crying foul over how it was handled. The debate over the redistricting plan pushed the hearing for the referendum back until 1:38 pm. The legislative meeting began around 10 am.

The amount of time that it took to get to the hearing over the arena referendum forced many people to leave, including Randi Marshall of Newsday.

Once the arena portion got underway it was the usual political dog and pony show. County Executive Ed Mangano gave his presentation to legislature and then the public had its’ say. Everyone who spoke was in favor of the arena referendum and supportive of Mangano’s plan overall. The only negative comment made was by Lisa Tyson of the Long Island Progressive coalition, who felt there was still not enough information to support the arena plan.

From the language at the hearing it’s not a matter of if the public will be allowed to vote on the referendum, it seems as though all the legislators were in favor of having the vote, but when the vote will take place.

The majority of the debate over the referendum vote was the timing in which it would presented to the public to vote on. The target date is August 1, but some legislators feel it would increase voter turnout and be more cost efficient to have it on November 8, aka Election Day. Another voter offered up primary day in September as another alternative option. Either way the unions and the Mangano administration are pushing hard for that August 1 date for the vote.

The Legislator will vote (finally) on the proposal for arena referendum next Tuesday, May 31 at 1 pm.

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(interview) Richard Pollock of Illegal curve Talk Thrashers to Winnipeg http://islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/may/interview-richard-pollock-of-illegal-curve-talk-thrashers-to-winnipeg.html http://islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/may/interview-richard-pollock-of-illegal-curve-talk-thrashers-to-winnipeg.html WCWP Sports at 5 pm. 

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Zenon Konopka in ESPN the Magazine http://islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/may/zenon-konopka-in-espn-the-magazine.html http://islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/may/zenon-konopka-in-espn-the-magazine.html

Isles enforcer and the most outspoken player on the Islanders roster is featured in an article appearing in the May 30 issue of ESPN the Magazine.

“Whistled While They Worked” features Konopka and four other often penalized athletes in a round table discussion with Kenny Mayne to talk about taking penalties and receiving fines. The other athletes featured are Monique Currie of the WNBA, Jared Allen of the NFL, Joel Lindpere of the MLS and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

Konopka has become a fan favorite on Long Island and has never given second thought to speaking his mind. During a January visit from the Ottawa Senators, Konopka declared the Islanders weren’t the “doormats of the NHL” as TSN camras and commentators sat in the stands for the morning skate. The statement was in response to an anchor on TSN’s Sports centre cracking a joke at the Islanders expense.

The article, which can also be found on ESPN.com, is an entertaining read even without Zenon in it. Mark Cuban’s comments are as hilarious as they are honest. Cuban is also known for his fire passion and being one of the most outspoken owners in sports. Here is just one quote by Mark Cuban from the article: “Eight years ago it felt like I was getting fined every other week. I could say, "The sky is blue" and they'd say, "F--- you, that's 25 grand." They were trying to beat me into submission. It just made me madder.”

After the Jump you can read Zenon Konopka’s answers from the round table discussion.

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Eric Ritter Discusses the NHL's Return to Winnipeg http://islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/may/eric-ritter-discusses-the-nhls-return-to-winnipeg.html http://islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/may/eric-ritter-discusses-the-nhls-return-to-winnipeg.html
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Al Montoya Confirmed Surgery http://islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/may/al-montoya-confirmed-surgery.html http://islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/may/al-montoya-confirmed-surgery.html

There is clearly some sort of curse on New York Islanders goaltenders. The team confirmed today that Al Montoya had successful surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his left knee.

The Islanders are insisting that he’ll be 100% by the time training camp rolls around in September, but as Katie Strang pointed out the Islanders top 3 goalies, Rick Dipietro, Kevin Poulin and now Al Montoya, will be returning from some variation of a knee injury.

In related news, Newsday confirmed Evegeni Nabokov will report to training camp in September. Last month Sovsports.ru ran an interview with the Russian net minder where he said he would report to training camp. Yesterday Nabokov’s agent, Don Meehan, reaffirmed those sentiments to Newsday.

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Craig Custance & Brad Kurtzberg Interviews From the Power Play http://islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/may/craig-custance-a-brad-kurtzberg-interviews-from-the-power-play.html http://islandershockeyblog.com/2011-articles/may/craig-custance-a-brad-kurtzberg-interviews-from-the-power-play.html Sporting News and Brad Kurtzberg from Inside Hockey.

Craig Custance came on to discuss the ownership situation in Atlanta. He makes some very interesting comments regarding the team, the NHL, and it's fans. A must listen for any Thrashers fan.

Brad Kurtzberg also was on the show to discuss the arena situation on Long Island and to talk NHL Playoffs. Also a good listen for hockey fans.

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