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Help a Fellow Islander Fan Fight Leukemia | March

Tracy Lynn Kraus is a fellow Isles fan who I’ve crossed paths with during my time cover the team the past two years. Over that time I’ve gotten to know her and her mission to help fight Leukemia after her, soon to be, 4 year old niece Aubri was diagnosed with the disease last year.

From here I’ll let Tracy explain the rest:

On July 27, 2011 Aubri was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). Hearing the news was like a kick in the stomach. No child in our family had ever been diagnosed with a life threatening illness and I had never really given it much thought. As far as I knew all of my 11 nieces and nephews were healthy and happy kids. Until that day. It’s been a difficult time for the family but together we know we can help her win her battle.

While my niece fights the battle against leukemia in her tiny body we need doctors and scientists to battle it in laboratories, finding better treatment methods and, one day, a cure. Although the cause of leukemia remains unknown, recently developed treatments and steady advances in research bring us closer to a cure every day. These research advances were only achieved as a result of contributions made by companies, foundations and individuals such as you.

I will be completing the St. Anthony’s Olympic Distance Triathlon in honor of Aubri and all those fighting blood cancers. My goal is to raise $4,000 by March 15, 2012 (Aubri's 4th birthday!) and every single dollar donated brings me closer to that goal! Thank you for your support in this important endeavor!

At the moment she is 98 percent of the way to her goal. She has raised $3,927 at the time of this posting.

The hockey community is a tight one and has been know to rise to the occasion for a good cause. Help a fellow Islander fan reach her goal by donating just a few dollars to help fight disease that affects so many.

There are five more days left to donate and if you’d like to you can click here to do so. Also help spread the word to your friends, family and neighbors.