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Bruce Ratner Makes Appearance on Islanders Telecast | March

Bruce Ratner, co-owner of the Nets and head of Forest City Ratner, made a surprise appearance on the Islanders telecast to discuss the Islanders game in Brooklyn.

“The Islanders need to stay in New York,” Ratner told Howie Rose during the first intermission.

The Barclays Center will host a preseason game in October between the Islanders and New Jersey Devils. Fans and media have seen the game as the team testing the waters in Brooklyn.

One of the main concerns for the Brooklyn arena has been the sightlines, but Ratner assured that, while the arena was built for basketball, hockey would be right at home as well.

“It will be a great hockey venue,” Ratner said. “You’ll feel like your right on top of the actions.”

Though some seats will have a bad view, but 14-15,000 people will have a good view.

Another concern addressed was the parking, in which the minority Nets owner said there was plenty of. He said there were eight to ten parking lots around the arena and mentioned the Long Island Rail Road as another option.

Below is the full interview that aired:

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