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Tavares, Moulson speak highly of Nino | September

For most of the week at training camp, head coach, Jack Capuano has placed Nino Niederreiter with top liners John Tavares and Matt Moulson.

Many already suspect Niederreiter will make the team right out of training camp and for good reason. Last season Niederreiter exploded in the WHL with the Portland Winterhawks; he scored 41 goals and 29 assists for 70 points in 55 games. He also left a good impression on anyone who saw him perform in the Islanders two rookie games against the Boston Bruins.

One could assume the Islanders will field the Moulson-Tavares-Niederreiter line during the their preseason game against the Devils on Saturday.

Niederreiter’s line mates, Tavares and Moulson, spoke about their new line mate during Islanders media day.

John Tavares: “Ninos been great, he’s been asking a lot of questions. He works really hard out there. He’s always trying to do the right things out there and I tell him just play his game, use his skill, and most things will work out because of how talented he is. But it’s been great, we’re able to joke around as well.”

Matt Moulson: “The biggest thing you notice about Nino is that he’s an extremely hard worker. He wants to learn things out there, he wants to ask questions and obviously on top of that he’s a highly skilled player. I think he’s a little more physically mature, although last year he was pretty good for a young kid coming in. I think he’s matured beyond his years much like Johnny was when he came in. So I think he’s looking really good and he’s looking to get better each day. At his age he’s only going to go up and get better.”