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$346 million new Coliseum plan | September

Taking a quick minute to step away from the hockey side of things. The ABLI unveiled a privately funded $346.5 million plan for the 77 acre Nassau Coliseum site or as it has come to be known that “Nassau Hub.”

The new plan will be, as aforementioned, privately funded. No specific developer has been named with any ties to the new plan.

According to Newsday $100 million would be spent to renovate the coliseum and expand the current Nassau Coliseum. Which would include raising the height of the building 25 feet and added between 1,000 to 4,000 additional seats.

Also included in the plan is a minor league baseball stadium, a 6,800 car parking garage, indoor ice rink for public use, and 70,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space.

In the pictures on Newsday’s website the project renderings only show the Coliseum, ballpark and parking garage. Nowhere do you see retail, restaurants or offices in the renderings.

During media day Charles Wang was asked about the new plan. He replied, "If somebody comes up with anything definitive, we will obviously look at it. I can tell you one thing very definitively. Oct. 8 the puck drops. And we will have a hell of a season."

Town of Hempstead spokesmen, Mike Deery told Newsday. "If and when a proposal comes before the town board, we'll review it, consider it and act accordingly."

The irony of the announcement is that did come the same day the Islanders were hosting media at the coliseum for the team’s annual media day.

Obviously nothing is set in stone and it will be interesting to see how this new plan plays out. Don’t expect the team to address it unless a set in stone plan is in place that everyone, TOH, Mangano, Wang, all can agree on and get behind.

For now the Wang and his staff are focused on exactly what they should be focused on, the upcoming hockey season.