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Isles shouldn't put a claim on Sean Avery | November

Update 11:38: Islanders beat writer Aruther Staple says the team will not put a claim on Sean Avery

Talks have been swirling that the Islanders could claim Sean Avery off re-entry waivers. The talk started after NY Post hockey writer Larry Brooks published an article that suggested the Islanders could make a claim to the New York Ranger pest.

The Brooks article suggests that Isles GM Garth Snow was being “coy concerning claiming the winger on waivers.”

Avery has had run ins with several players on the Islanders, as well as a documented run in with Snow following the Islander/Rangers preseason Brawl game on September 24, 2007.

(Per Islanders Point Blank)
Sean Avery walks by and sees Snow and Shanahan talking. Although Avery did not play in the game, he cannot resist getting involved. “Way to go, Snow,” Avery yells. “Yeah, you’re bleepin’ awesome. Big bleepin’ win for you guys, you ———.”

Shanahan says to his own teammate, “You’re kidding, right”? and tells Avery to continue walking. Avery ignores Shanahan, draws nearer and says something unprintable again to the general manager.

Snow – a bit of a hot-head in his goalie days – is in a tough spot. As much as he may want to, as a GM he can’t throw rights with Avery in his business suit 30 minutes after a game in an arena hallway. No matter who’s the instigator, Snow would be suspended for a long time. But he decides he can’t just stand there as Avery gets closer and closer to his face.

So Snow suggests that Avery listen to Shanahan and continue walking…but can’t hold back a parting shot: “That’s what you’re best at, Sean. Talking (crap) while you run away and let everyone else fight your battles.”

Avery, now looking like an eighth-grader at the flagpole who knows the other guy can’t fight, tells Snow, “I’m standing right here, you ————-. Let’s go.”

Shanahan, exasperated because he thought his baby-sitting duties were over for the night, orders Avery to leave the Coliseum immediately. Avery screams a few more inane insults, turns around and leaves.

This is the kind of stuff Avery has become known for and distained for. Claiming him and having him in a locker room that is still young would be more detrimental than helpful.  No matter what he can do offensively he will only hurt the team in the long run.