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Daily News Reporter Nick Hirshon Commemorates Coliseum History in Book | June

Political campaign rallies, sporting events from long ago and historic concerts are just some of the categories of pictures you will find in Nick Hirshon’s book, Images of America: Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

Inside, you’ll find classic images of sports teams that at one time or another called Nassau Coliseum home. Including the first lacrosse team that called the arena home, the Long Island Tomahawks, as well as the more recent teams, the New York Saints and Titans. Also you’ll find teams lesser known, like the tennis team the New York Sets. The sets called the old barn home from 1974 till 1977 and featured tennis star Billy Jean King on the team. The New York Dragons, Arrows, express, wrestlemania 2, bull riding events, the 1998 Goodwill games, rollor hockey and boxing images can also be seen in the book.

Not to mention a full chapter of classic images from the history of the New York Islanders.

If sports are not your thing, then you can still find pictures that will peak your interest. Pictures of the original blue prints, images of the construction of the building, and early promotional material for the arena can be found early in the book.  Pictures from president Richard Nixon’s stop at the Nassau Coliseum in 1972 and Gerald Ford’s Halloween night campaign stop at Nassau Coliseum in 1976 can be found inside the book.  Photos from past carnivals and concerts also grace the pages of this enjoyable book.

The Book can be purchased online here at Amazon.com and at Arcadia Publishing's website.  

Below is an interview with author Nick Hirshon:

Nick Hirshon Interview by christian-arnold