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Nassau County and Shinnecock Indians close to an MOU | April

Reports today are indicating that Nassau County and the Shinnecock Indians are ready to enter into a memorandum of understanding according to a report by the New York Post.  The plan may include a new facility for the Islanders, but does not say if it does or does not.

To add to the uncertainty, the plan itself has several legal hurdles it must clear before anything affecting the Islanders comes to the surface.

To surmise, Nassau County is trying to put together a plan for the Nassau Coliseum site, but is a long ways away from anything significant. As it stands this memorandum of understanding does not affect the Islanders in any real way at this point. (As far as we know) there is no guarantee of a new Arena in the plan and (as mentioned by NYI Fan Central) does not address how this will make the Islanders “self-sustaining.” In even simpler terms, nothing new has happened.

As usual, there are more questions than answers in the never ending drama that is the future of the Nassau Coliseum.