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Tampa Bay at Islanders Preview | November


Tonight, new Islanders head coach Jack Capuano will coach his first NHL game, and hopefully will get a win under his belt. There were a few changes made to the young Islanders system, but the coach states that he's going to maintain Scott Gordon's system along with the one he himself used in Bridgeport.

It seems that Rick DiPietro will get the start in goal tonight. If they were to start Rolie, then we'd know something is up with DP as Roloson has played five in a row so far. Rick isn't perfect and needs to work on some things to get back to his normal style of goaltending, but some goals aren't totally his fault either. I give Rick credit for atleast trying to stay healthy. It isn't easy to come back from multiple surgeries and play goalie.

This loosing streak can't go on to 11. It's just ridiculous and even the team realizes it. Garth Snow knew something had to be done as a new coach was named. It's also lack of scoring as well. The Islanders could of went out this off season and if they really wanted to they could of got guys like Stempniak or if they really were in bid for Kovalchuck, they could of got him. Even Satan who's yet to sign a deal with a team this season. But instead, they get third or fourth liner like Parenteau. Parenteau however hasn't been on the third or fourth line, but he isn't a proven scorer either. When we get Okposo back, hopefully he can help this team out. They need it.