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Islanders to Queens gains more steam | May

It was several months ago that IHB columnist, Dave, explored the possibility of the Isles moving to queens adjacent to Citi Field, home of the New York Mets, and several months ago Queens politicians began attempts to start wooing the Islanders out of Nassau. Well another twist has been added to an already chaotic situation, The Hockey News is reporting that Jeff Wilpon Owner of the New York Mets could be waiting in the wings to purchase the Islanders from Charles Wang and move them to queens.

Puck Daddy quoted several past articles that explained why the move would make sense, including a portion of an article published a year ago by New York Sports scene writer, Joe MacDonald, and a Daily news Article about the Queens Chamber of Commerce attempts to publicly woo the Isles from October.

There is nothing significant, other than the words of one Hockey writer, to suggest that Wilpon would purchase the team or that the Islanders are considering a move to queens. But no one can dispute how much sense a move to the New York City Borough.