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If you have hope of the islanders making a late run read this | March
As of Today, the Islanders stand at 74 points, winning 2 in a row, over the Flames, and Blue Jackets, two Western Conference teams. The Islanders stand 8 points, 4 wins away from the 8th place Bruins. The Bruins have currently 7 games left, the same as the Islanders. The Islanders also must watch out for the Thrashers, who have 78 points, the Islanders must win the remaining 7 games, and have the bruins lose 4 of 7 in regulation, and the Thrashers, 3 of 6. If the Islanders lose one in Ot, and win 6, they also have to have the bruins lose 5 of 7 in regulation, and the Thrashers lose 4 of 6 in regualtion, and if the Islanders lose 1 in regaultion and win 6, they will need Boston to lose 5 of 7 in regulation, and the Thrashers lose 5 of 6. This can be done in different situations, it may be tough, and it may not even happen, but the Islanders are still alive, and for anyone who wanted the Islanders to make a run, that is what must happen for the Islanders to make it, could this be a repeat of the comeback team of 2006-2007?