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As I work on my videos I would like to state my opinion on the islanders | March

Since currently I am working on the two games, the New Jersey Devils game and the Toronto Maple Leafs game, I jsut wanted to voice my honest opinion on what I feel is best for the Islanders.

The Islanders currently stand at 68 points, and in 14th place. Down 3-0 at the end of the 2nd period makes you realize this season is over, and it is time to think about next year. The Islanders right now, currently, stand as the 3rd worst team in hockey, at 68 points, just behind the Oilers, at 55 points and the Maple Leafs, at 64 points. After today, the Islanders will have 9 games left, and are out of the race, behind the playoff race for the 8th spot between Boston and Atlanta, and even a slight bit, which is the Rangers.

I think that as the season winds down, that the Islanders should just lose the rest of their games, to hopefully finish at no better then 70 points, to hopefully get a top 3 pick. Maybe even a top 2. If Toronto puts on a late run. I would love to see the Islanders lose, to have another top pick to build on, with Okposo, Bailey and Tavares. Who would it be will be decided first if the Islanders lose enough to get there, and who they will pick.