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Dear NHL: Commit to 2014 Olympic games | February
Ice Hockey - Day 7 - Slovakia v Russia

Just like NBC, the NHL needs to wake up. At this morning's press conference, which turned in a public negotiation, IIHF President nearly begged Bettman to commit to the 2014 games. Gary Bettman and the will wait to make a decision on the leagues participation in the 2014, A. to see how it will benefit them financially and B. wait until they have a sound CBA in place.

So will they or wont they that is the question. To me it sounds simple, the fans love watching it and the players love participating in it. The answer seems simple enough, the NHL should take part in 2014 Olympics. However it isn't that simple, The old grump owners don't like to shut down, risk injury to key players and more importantly lose money. I guess it's fair in a way and no one can blame them for not wanting to miss the playoff because their star forward is out with an Olympic sized injury.

But if the NHL does not want to go with simple logic, how about some of these scenarios. Should the NHL decide not to go they will now be forced to compete with the NBA and THE OLYMPICS for viewers, think about. Not to mention the mutiny they will have on their hands from players who will disregard what they say and head off to Russia and play for their country. Alex Ovechkin has already said he will play for Russia even if the NHL isn't participating in the Olympics. "Nobody can say to me, 'You can't play for your country in the Olympic Games,'" Ovechkin told ESPN back September. He will play whether you like it or not and will most likely not face any sort of internal disciplinary action since Caps owner, Ted Leonsis, is on Ovies side. Also noting that Ilya Kovalchuk and Evgeni Malkin have also said that they will play regardless of the NHL's decision. This opens the flood gates for the NHL's top talent to stick their middle finger to the NHL and say "were playing in the Olympics." Should be fun watching minor league hockey on TV for two weeks in 2014, it will make for some high NHL T.V ratings and some money making hockey.......JIP.


Ice Hockey - Day 5 - USA v Switzerland

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