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ITS ALMOST HERE! | September

That's right in less than 5 days we will finally get to see John Tavares skate for the first in full Islanders attirein a real game situation. The superstar hopeful will most likely take the ice Monday night in terrace, British Columbia along with the rest of the Islander squad marking the end of a long off season that started way back in April and seemed to last an eternity after the Islanders drafted John Tavares. Last week players started coming back to the island and skating at Ice Works in preparation for the start of training camp and most, presumable all are extremely excited to be back to work and for the start of this season. This team of young guns full of potential are all aiming high, especially recently signed rookie Matt Martin who had a break out season with the Sarnia Sting of the OHL last season. Martin told both beat writer Katie Strang and NYI Point Blank's Chris Botta that hes is aiming to play in the NHL this season for the Islanders. Martin told Katie Strang "I want to aim as high as I can. The team is rebuilding, so if you are really impressive in camp, anything can happen. I don't want to be unrealistic and say I think I should be a full-time NHL'er, but I think if I have a really good camp I could get some games up there and show them what I can do." If Martin shows he has what it takes I have no doubt the Islanders wouldn't hesitate to call him up.

On the Tavares side of things, John arrived on the Island last Saturday to much less publicized event and starting to learn his way around Long Island only getting stopped once to take pictures. "It'll be nice to just be myself, learn my way around the team, and just focus on hockey" Tavares told Newsday beat writer Katie Strang. Tavares will no doubt enjoy being in the shadows alittle bit here on the Islanders and be able to fully focus on hockey with out all the media pressure like he faced back in Canada.

The start of this season has been anticipated by every Islander fan world wide since drafting John Tavares, the biggest name to wear an isles uniform in a very long time. This young team has allot of potential and has shown in the past that they can stay competitive. This season will most likely not be a playoff run and once again end at regular seasons end but will most likely not be a last place finish this year. So fans start breaking out those jerseys and GET READY FOR SOME HOCKEY CAUSE ITS A COMIN!