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Hockeys Back! | September

It's finally here Isles fans, The Islanders will take the ice for the first time in over 5 months and start the 2009-2010 season. we've been waiting for this since the dismal 08-09 season ended on Easter day with an embarrassingloss to the Bruins. This year starts with the same expectations as last year, finishing in the basement for another season. Fans and pundents are already salavating over the thought of picking Taylor Hall in the 2010 draft. I would hope the season doesn't come down to that AGAIN!

But there is one optomist on the team, Richard Park. Park spoke to Islanders Point Blank's Chris Botta and told Botta and the rest of Islanders Country "I’ll give you this: when April comes around, I expect us to be in position to compete in the playoffs." Park, who is a well respected vet has an extremely optimistic outlook for this season and should be taken very seriously. Its nice to see someone not counting the isles out before they even hit the ice.

What else.........oh ya everyone at training camp is impressed by John Tavares's hand shake. The young star has made a splash at training camp and has been taken under the wing of of Veteran and captain candidate Doug Weight. Reports from Katie Strang, the only New York reporter covering the Islanders and video from the Islanders website provide footage of Weight showing Tavares the ropes and giving him tips throughout camp.

Although Johnny boy is not gunna be playing, along with several other big name players, but hey it's Islanders hockey and right now i couldnt have asked for a better birthday present than the return of Islanders hockey. So break out the Jerseys and get ready for a late night cause it's almost hockey time.