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covering the coverage" a new trend for Islanders fans | November

If you ever seen sports soup, a show that puts a humorous spin on events in the world of sports, then you know the segment “Covering the Coverage”. Well it seems this week that fans and blogger are “covering the coverage” and not in the funny, whimsical way it’s done on Sports soup.

Since the start of the 09-10 season fans and bloggers have loudly expressed their displeasure with the fact that a significant amount of games this season have not and will not be in HD due to overflow on some nights. Drawing the short straw, New York’s other hockey team has to be watched standard definition even though IO advertises that all nine teams can be seen in high deff.

Then there is the Newsday coverage, things fired up today when Isles Blog, Dee Karl, and Chris Botta all addressed the issue either last night or today on their sites.

“This lack of coverage comes on the heels of Newsday charging for access to their website, (free for Cablevision and Newsday subscribers) but it just doesn’t seem right to completely omit the Islanders. There have been numerous occasions where an article did not make the print edition, but was available online – shunning non-subs from reaching content beyond blogs.” (Michael Schuerlein)

Dee Karl of Hockeybuzz went on a full out tirade over an article in today’s Newsday:
“I am not quite sure if James Bernstein ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) wrote the article on the LI Business page, as his is the only by-line on the page, but there are three features on pg A44. All I know is that while it may be accurate in its regurgitation of the recent Forbes "Business of Hockey" report, it failed dismally to explore the reasons for the financial downturn. It also ignored the recent on-ice GOOD fortune.”

Chris Botta had this to say to his readers:
“Want the Islanders covered? Write the sports editor.”

Newsday is coming under firing on blog sites, but I doubt they’re really feeling it in the corporate offices. Do I believe Cablevision who owns Newsday, the Knicks, the Rangers, and the MSG Networks is purposely giving the Islanders the shaft in coverage? I do, but I’m not a person who is gunna jump up and down because I can’t watch my team in HD. I’ll live. It’s not the end of the world if I have to suffer through 2 hours of crappy reception as long as my team wins. As for Newsday coverage, I barley have time to skim through Newsday and if I go looking for Islanders coverage Newsday’s my last stop. I more inclined check the blogosphere than look at a paper who’s coverage of my team is so minimal that I learn more from NHL Fanhouse, Islanders Point Blank, Puck Daddy, and other hockey/Islanders sites.

Here on my site though this is the only time I’ll ever moan about the coverage or lack thereof for the Islanders. I’d rather spend my time covering the team and not the coverage.