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Covering the coverage": A blogger responds | November

Last night I wrote a piece about several articles I saw pertaining to coverage of the Islanders. Well I missed the point on one of them, Dee Karl explains;

"you are missing the point of my tirade. Mine was not at the lack of coverage, but the inequality of the reporting by the owners of the Islanders cross town rivals. As the only news outlet on Long Island to cover Long Island, the written word the casual fan or non-fan reads regarding the team is what they perceive as truth... when many times it is not."

"There is more to the hockey business than what happens on the ice."

I guess when I wrote the piece i knew what it said I just failed to say what it said. Dee is right, the casual and non-fans read the poorly written article and go "who cares about the Islanders. They're a mess." without ever getting the whole story.

This is where Botta's quote comes in, It is our jobs as bloggers and die hard fans to write to the editors and producers and tell them what a lousy job they are doing getting the whole story. It's our job to turn up the heat by not just writing on our site but writing to the people who will have to take notice if we make enough noise.

If there is ever proof that we have a voice it would be how as fans, we collectively helped garner support and attention for the Lighhouse Project. The proof is in the puding, we have to have our voices heard to make real change in both the amount of coverage the team gets and the the quality of the coverage.

And lastly my bad Dee, I will never miss the point of one of your tirades again. Laughing